Improve the pull and profit of your real estate asset

Smart energy overhauls are always based on the real estate owner’s investment strategy. Investments in energy efficiency and the property’s own energy production are optimised according to the owner’s objectives.

Well designed and implemented energy overhauls typically offer a considerable improvement on the net profit of property as operating expenses will be permanently decreased by 10 to 15 per cent. The rentability of the property improves when the conditions in the building develop in a positive direction. The reduction of CO2 emissions improves the owner’s corporate responsibility.

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We bundle everything you need in one investment

We assess the potential of your properties and make investments based on their level of profitability. We modernise building automation, ventilation, heat distribution, cooling and lighting into a single smart system controlled by a cloud-based indoor climate and energy management system. We minimise risks and take responsibility for results. One partner is enough.

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The Viinikkala Logistics Centre project went really well. The users of the property have not noticed any difference since the switch from district to geothermal heating. Also, in this project, there was hardly any disruption to the customer. It felt great, in fact sometimes downright weird, that such a large project progressed like clockwork.

Matti Puromäki, Property Manager, OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd

Our goal is to save about 20 per cent on the energy use of our properties over the next five years. Cooperation with LeaseGreen has been really smooth. They have been keen to work on this project, which is probably not one of the easiest.

Mika Soinio, Property Manager, Åbo Akademi University Foundation

Performance first.

We improve the energy economy of investment properties by using a unique full-service model that combines technical and financial know-how in precision implementation with results monitoring. Find out more about our projects and get in touch with our experts.

We always aim for at least an 8 per cent return on invested capital, at least 100 000 euro life-cycle savings and a sizeable increase in accounting value. Let’s unlock the benefits of an energy overhaul together.

  1. Cost-neutral and flexible service model
  2. Reduced energy costs, from 15 per cent up to 50 per cent
  3. Increased property value, from 3 per cent up to 6 per cent
  4. Improved indoor air and lighting
  5. Improved reputation of the property
  6. Reduced energy price risks
  7. The opportunity to produce energy on site
  8. Reduced carbon footprint from the use of the property
  9. Improved corporate responsibility for the owner and tenants

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