Improve production and minimise disruption.

Improve profitability, productivity and process reliability with an investment that offers an exceptionally good risk/reward ratio.

Every process and factory is different. The best energy efficiency investments are optimised according to the owner’s strategic and tactical objectives.

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We do everything you need.

We make sure that our customers’ factories succeed in a very competitive environment. We modernise building automation, ventilation, heating management, cooling and lighting into a single smart system controlled by a cloud-based indoor climate and energy management system.

We plan and implement the investments, minimise the risks and disruptions as well as take responsibility for the energy efficiency results for the duration of the contract. One partner is enough.

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Using the positive cash flow service model we made a very worthwhile investment for us. We appreciate LeaseGreen’s active and comprehensive approach to tailoring the project to fit our needs – from the preliminary technical design all the way to the financing. They offered us free preliminary design, were flexible, and took the customer’s thoughts well into consideration.

Timo Tallinen, Technical Director, Kotkamills
Timo Tallinen, Kotkamills

We have demanding processes and many different product groups that have product holdings with different conditions. The new smart technology supports us in achieving high product quality and production hygiene, as well as good working conditions and occupational safety. We want our people to have the energy to do their jobs and enjoy their work more than ever.

Pauliina Annola, Plant Manager, Saarioinen

Results first.

We improve the energy economy of factories and processes with our comprehensive service model that combines technical and economic know-how with careful implementation and monitoring of results. Get to know our projects and ask our experts for more information.

We always aim for more than a 20 per cent return on invested capital, at least 100 000 euro life-cycle savings and an effect on positive cashflow. Let’s start on the path together to the benefits of an energy overhaul.

  1. Factory profitability and competitiveness improve
  2. Energy costs are reduced as well as maintenance costs and the need for repairs
  3. The risks involved in energy-price changes are reduced.
  4. Production conditions improve.
  5. Repair debt and technical risks are reduced.
  6. Operational sustainability and company reputation improve.

Industrial leaders, get in touch – we’re happy to help!

Sanoma, Lumon, Saarioinen, Kotkamills, Isku, Adara and many more happy customers...

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