Added comfort comes with smaller energy bills

An energy overhaul reduces a housing company’s energy bills and improves living comfort when heat and ventilation are controlled with a smart and modern system. Our objective is to provide energy savings that are bigger than the monthly cost of the service.

The value of a property rises when the energy system is renewed. Energy overhauls on properties are also one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing Finland’s carbon footprint – a financially sensible and responsible collaboration that the entire nation benefits from.

Everything you need, including smart finance

We are bringing the best technology on the market to Finnish housing companies so they can be best prepared for future changes. Our range of services includes: ventilation renewal, heat pumps and solar energy, water reuse solutions, LED lighting and new smart management of technology.

An energy overhaul is easily financed by OP’s modern finance solutions. The costs of the investment are spread evenly against the benefits of the energy overhaul. Our financing process is quick and easy.

The point of an energy overhaul is to have a complete system where all the parts work together. We could have got a geothermal system from one place, a heat pump from another and solar panels from a third, but in that scenario the complete system would not have been under the control of any one party.

Päivi Valkama, Real Estate Manager, Realia Isännöinti

For us, it was important that we could pay for the energy overhaul using a leasing model. In this way we didn’t have to take out a separate loan. A couple of residents have asked me, whether this can be for real, seeing as everything seems to work so well. It’s a big relief for us that one operator takes full responsibility for the entire project, from start to finish.

Timo Juurikko, Chairperson of the Board, As Oy Vehnä-Hovi

We assess the situation in the housing company, examine the current state of the technology and make a proposal of the most profitable investments. We work quickly and take responsibility for our work. This is how the energy overhaul service works:

  1. Contact LeaseGreen either directly or via the website (sorry, only in Finnish).
  2. The property manager of the housing company sends the details of the building services technology and energy use to LeaseGreen. Our experts make an initial estimation of the potential energy savings of the property.
  3. LeaseGreen’s experts carry out an on-site assessment of the state of the technical system and its features. The assessment is free of charge.
  4. The housing companys board of directors decide how to progress with the proposal and LeaseGreen makes a final offer for the implementation and financing of the project to the housing company.
  5. The energy overhaul is accepted in the housing companys general meeting. Work begins.
  6. LeaseGreen carries out the installations and remodelling, ensures the functionality of the renewed systems, and optimises the savings.
  7. When the work is completed, the property is connected to LeaseGreen’s smart remote monitoring system. This allows us to ensure that the energy savings are realised.
  8. The savings start immediately.

The investments are implemented as a turnkey project. Our service is available throughout the capital area, Lahti, and the Tampere and Turku areas. It will soon be available throughout the country.

Property manager. Chairperson of the board. Get in touch. We will be happy to tell you more!

Start an energy overhaul now. It’s the best investment a housing company can make.

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