Improve the pull and profit of your property

Modern building services technology solutions improve customer comfort and promote employee productivity. Implementing a new energy system reduces business costs and repair debt.

Technical risk and maintenance is reduced, and the reduction of CO2 emissions strengthens the owner’s corporate responsibility.

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Everything you need, bundled into one investment

We assess the potential of your property and make investments based on their level of profitability. We modernise building automation, ventilation, heat distribution, cooling, and lighting into a single smart system controlled by a cloud-based indoor climate and energy management system.

We move your property into the digital age. We minimise disruption and take responsibility for results. One partner is enough.

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Heating our property costs us hundreds of thousands each year. That’s why it’s important for us to reduce our dependence on the price increases of district heating. A large renovation is financed entirely with savings. The old building services technology is replaced with new, and we also catch up on our accrued repair debt.

Timo Juurakko, Timo Juurakko, CEO, Kunnonpaikka

We are hoteliers, not property managers. That’s why we wanted a trustworthy partner for our project. We appreciate the care the LeaseGreen planner took with our project. We were instantly on the same wavelength.

Pia and Antti Ropponen, Entrepreneurs, Gustavelund Hotel

Performance first.

Hotels, spas, sports facilities, care facilities, logistics centres and office buildings. Find out more about our diverse references and get in touch with our experts.

We always aim for at least an 8 per cent return on invested capital, at least 100 000 euro lifecycle savings, and a sizeable increase in accounting value. Let’s unlock the benefits of an energy overhaul together.

  1. Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  2. Improved conditions for tenants and employees
  3. Smarter technology and easier control
  4. Reduced carbon footprint from the use of the property
  5. Increased corporate responsibility for the owner and strengthened company reputation.

Why LeaseGreen? We improve the energy economy of user-owner owned properties by using a unique full-service model that combines technical and financial know-how in precision implementation with results monitoring. We tailor financial models specifically for your company situation and implement investments so that they do not interfere with your business.

Entrepreneur, CEO, owner! Get in touch, we’d be happy to tell you more.

reference Automation

Heinon Tukku Sörnäinen

LeaseGreen improved the energy efficiency of Heinon Tukku’s wholesale store in the Sörnäinen area of Helsinki.

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